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How Red Sea Cruises Can Offer the Best Luxury tour in the World

How Red Sea Cruises Can Offer the Best Luxury in the World  

People are usually fond of spending their vacations at a sandy beach or at the cool green environment of a hill station, but the popularity of cruise vacations has increased dramatically in recent years. 

How Red Sea Cruises Can Offer the Best Luxury tour in the World

There are many cruise lines across the globe, which are offering their services in different regions of the world. Cruise holidays always excite guests because vacations in cruise ships guarantee complete entertainment and luxury. As the ship is designed like a luxurious hotel, passengers can enjoy all the facilities along with different destinations in a single journey.

One fine option for pleasure cruising is to choose a Red Sea cruise package. There are both large and medium size cruise ships with all the amenities for this route, which has become one of the most popular cruising regions in the world. The Red Sea is the northernmost tropical sea of this planet, and is basically an inlet of seawater that lies between Africa and Asia. It is a part of the Indian Ocean, and is surrounded by Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aden and Sinai Peninsula. Ships can enter this inlet from Bab el Mandeeb strait that lies to the south.

Generally, Dubai is a common option for visiting the Red Sea area. The British can catch a cruise ship from Southampton for the Red Sea during which they can also blessed with the beautiful views of Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal. 

There are also great possibilities to have enjoy a trip to the Cairo museum and the Valley of the Kings when passing Egypt. an you can find more tour package at Egypt tours from Safaga port.

Besides enjoying the lavish facilities inside the cruise lines, passengers can also visit the stunning port cities of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Eritrea and Israel. Some of the most visited spots in Red Sea Riviera are Sharm-El-Sheikh, Ras Muhammad National Park, Taba, Pharaoh’s Island, Straits of Tiran, Serrenia, Port Ghalib, Rocky Island, Al-Mahmeya National Protected Park, Soma Bay, Alshalateen, Dahab and many more.

All these places are ideal tourist destinations, and tourists from Europe, especially the UK, love this region. The reasons are obviously the warm waters, many archeological points and most importantly, the great weather the region has to offer. The National Parks are located both on land and under the sea while there are miles of beautiful coastline to explore on either side of Red Sea.

Major Attractions you can visit

It is always possible to see dangerous sharks near Sharm- El-Sheik in Egypt. Abington, the Brothers, Rocky Island, Angarosh and Dophin Reef are the well-known recreational diving sites offering crystal clear warm waters. One can enjoy numerous aquatic species, which are only present in this inlet of Indian Ocean, while having a Red Sea safari tour. These cruises offer complete guided diving tours and maintain all safety standards.

Red Sea Cruises are available for both short and long voyages, and they make sure to deliver utmost relaxation and recreation to their passengers. There are excellent restaurants, bars, spa, swimming pools, gym, cinemas, internet and even mini golf courses on many luxury cruise liners.

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