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Abu Dhabi layover tour

Why you shouldn't miss Abu Dhabi layover tour ?

7 Reasons why you should not miss Abu Dhabi layover when you land to Abu Dhabi airport for transit stop in 2019.

Abu Dhabi Layover tour

Thanks to the world`s leading airline Etihad, Abu Dhabi airport has become one on of the largest transit hubs of many connecting flights that pass by providing the international travelers a brilliant chance to discover around Abu Dhabi city within a quick Abu Dhabi layover.

Abu Dhabi layover tour

AbuDhabi layover is a highly recommended travel experience that travelers should not miss as long they have the chance to enjoy. and below, come seven reasons why:

1.You are not in Abu Dhabi every day

Travel passionate people never stop exploring new places and touring new cities. They believe that every city in the world has something very unique that really deserves to be discovered, and while the chance to come back to Abu Dhabi is not guaranteed; You will surely love to discover around the city if you really have the chance to do.

Abi dhabi layover trip

2.Abu Dhabi is The Capital

 Unlike many people think, Not Dubai but Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE. The capital city in almost of the countries around the world always has a very special status and very distinguished attractions to visit. Abu Dhabi is no doubt one of those.

3.Richest Mosque in the world:

Just like Tour Eiffel in Paris, Liberty statue of New York and Christ the redeemer in Rio; Sheikh Zayed grand mosque is the main city attraction of Abu Dhabi. Mosque is named after UAE country founder Sheikh Zayed and it is one of world`s finest mosques due to its rich decoration elements and construction style. Mosque costed more than 500 USD millions to be completed within almost 12 years of construction. 

Grand Mosque of Zayed was not just meant to be a Muslim worship Mosque, but also it was founded to be a minaret of tolerance and coexistence among the people everywhere and that what explains the great value of the attached library. However and in order to make sure that you are allowed to access the mosque from inside, A mosque visitor will need to follow GrandMosque dress code

Grand Mosque visit is a cultural visit that may extend to 2-3 hours and it could be the best escape for a quick Abu Dhabi layover.

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

4.World`s first and only Ferrari Theme Park

The most famous island in Abu Dhabi is the manmade Yas Island which is the house of a set of various adorable tourist attractions, One of them is Ferrari World.

Ferrari world is the only theme park that bears the name of the Italian decent manufacturer Ferrari and the park contains a number of the most enjoyable amusements besides world`s fastest roller coaster.
Abu dhabi Ferrari Theme Park

5. Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi:

Since Nov 2017 and after a long set of delays; Louvre Abu Dhabi at Saadiyat island was finally opened to be one of the decent tourist attractions of the city Abu Dhabi. Museum is the only one to have the name of Louvre after the original one in France and it houses a big collection of ancient artifacts dated back to ancient and mid-ages besides master pieces of contemporary art that were brought from Louvre Paris. Museum visit is another cultural visit to enhance your Abu Dhabi layover along with Grand Mosque visit.

6.Experience the luxury at Emirates Palace:

 Emirates Palace hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the region and also comes in the shortlist of world`s most luxurious ones. It is well known for being an orientation for world`s elite due to the high level of quality it provides and its fine location over the Arabian gulf. And since we are in a short layover, a traveler could enjoy a quick high tea or even lunch at one of the fancy hotel restaurants for a reasonable rate. Many of Abu Dhabi layover travelers also usually prefer to just check in the hotel without booking any activity inside and it is also available since the hotel is considered one of city`s tourist attractions.

7. Shopping Tour:

 Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is well known of being another shopping hub with its big and massive shopping malls just like Marina Mall, Yas Mall and many others. Abu Dhabi malls house a big number of the finest brands in different categories including fashion, jewelry, electronics and more. So if a traveler just thought about a shopping experience, He could spend some time checking one or more of city`s biggest malls. Or even could add a mall stop to an Abu Dhabi tour itinerary to enhance the experience of Abu Dhabi layover with some souvenirs to commemorate the visit to one of the richest capital cities in the world.