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The best 5 Cairo Food Tour

The Best 5 Cairo Food Tour - The Most Popular Egyptian Food 

Egyptian food is greatly influenced by Italian , Turkish , England and france cuisine . in Egypt usually Lunch is served from 1 to 4 PM , Dinner from 8 to 10 PM . The month of Ramadan these hours and foods are likely to change.

Cairo Food tour

Egyptian Food one of other reason you can take on consider beside Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Red Sea . to take decision to Visit Egypt and know more about Egyptian Casein and their traditional food during your Egypt Food Tour explore it with connect travels.

1-Egyptian Ful :

foul is one of the most famous desh in Egypt special at breakfast . this desh contain from fava beans with oil and most of Egyptian add some vegetables or tomato . 

Egyptian Ful


Falafel also known as taamya it is a deep fried ball made of fava beans and some vegetables always eaten beside ful. also it is main desh in Egyptian breakfast.



Consider one of the main traditional Egyptian street food you will find it on carts and restaurants it is cheap meal it contain from mix of rice , macaroni and lentils.


4- Shawarma

It is one of common and tasty Egyptian Food there were beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma and mix Shawarma you have to test every one of their to know which one is your favourite .


5- Gibna

Cheese . the Egyptian Cheese  Gibna comes in two varieties gibna Bedida similar to feta and gibna Rumy , A Sharp  , Hard pale yellow Cheese . usually Egyptian pepole eat gibna at breakfast and dinner . 


if you interested to get different experience in Egypt you can get more information to book Food tour in Cairo