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Qaitbay Citadel - Qaitbay Fort - Alexandria attractions

Qaitbay Citadel - Alexandria attractions

Qaitbay Fort is one of the most important Islamic monuments in Alexandria. 

It was built in 1477 under the reign of Sultan Saif al-Din Qaitbay. The fort was built in the place of the ancient Alexandria lighthouse on an area of 17550 square meters.

The fortress was built in a square shape and contains the main tower and fences in the north-west. It is 17 square meters high. It was fortified by large walls with huge stones. 

The outer wall is two meters width and 4 meters high. It took two years to be built.

The castle was first renovated during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, who worked to fortify it and renovate the walls and buildings and provided them with weapons and coastal cannons. After the Ottoman conquest of Egypt, the castle was taken care of and used in protection and was the gateway to defend Egypt in the northern coast.

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