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Pompey's Pillar - Alexandria Attractions

Pompey's Pillar - Alexandria Attractions

The pillar was admired by all for its greatness and the consistency of its parts. The area where the pillar was located was the focus of attention and interest in ancient times.

pompey's pillar Alexandria attractions

The pillar of the masts was erected above the hill of Sedra Gate between the current Muslim cemetery area known as Al Amoud and the Kom Al Shqafa archaeological hill.

Since the Europeans thought that the head of Pompeii (the Roman leader who fled to Egypt to escape from Julius Caesar and killed the Egyptians) thought that his head was placed in a precious burial jar and placed on the crown of the pillar.

The pillar is named after the pillar Al-Sawari to the Arab era where it is believed to have resulted from the height of this pillar between 400 other pillars that resemble masts (masts of ships) and therefore called the Arabs "pillar masts" .. Sawari later.

pompey's pillar Alexandria

Explore the Pompey's Pillar during your Alexandria day trip From Cairo

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