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Montaza palace - Alexandria attractions

Montaza palace - Montazah Gardens - Alexandria attractions

Montaza palace

The gardens of the Montazah Palace with its charming view of the Mediterranean Sea are among the most beautiful historical and tourist sites in Alexandria. 

The gardens are located on an area of 370 acres in the Al Montazah district, east of Alexandria. It overlooks Al Montazah Bay and contains ancient trees and rare flower basins that are taken care of throughout the day.

Al Montazah Gardens overlooks five beaches: Aida, Cleopatra, Venice, and Semiramis, as well as a private beach at the Palestine Hotel, which hosted the second Arab Summit in September 1964.

"Al-Salamlak" (relaxation place in Turkish) was the first palace was built in the gardens by the Greek architect Dimitri Fabrizius to build the palace on the 19th-century on Austrian style.

Montaza palace garden alexandria

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