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Islamic and Coptic Cairo - Old Cairo tour - Cairo day tour

Islamic and Coptic Cairo - Old Cairo tour

Al-Mu'izz Street - Old cairo tour

Both Cairo and Alexandria have many religious Islamic and Coptic sightseeing that are worthy to visit and explore Old Cairo with connect travels .

you will start your day trip to Islamic , Coptic and Old Cairo by visiting

The citadel of Salah al-Din Ayoubi:

It is located in Cairo and considered one of the most prestigious military castles built in the middle ages. It has a strategic location that was used to defend the city. 

The great castle witnessed many historical events that passed through and bore its ashes between different historical events during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods until Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Egypt where he restored its prosperity and greatness. Then you will head to visit;

The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church - Coptic cairo tour

The church is located in the ancient Egyptian district of Cairo Governorate. It is one of the most important Coptic monuments in Egypt. 

It is an important Coptic tourist destination for visitors from everywhere. It is also one of the most beautiful churches in the Middle East.  Located south of the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and includes at its entrance 13 amazing pillars, representing Christ and the twelve apostles.

The church took its name because it was built on two towers of the ancient Roman fort known as the "fortress of Babylon". Next Point you will visit and explore it is 

Al-Mu'izz Street:

It is one of the most important Islamic and historical monuments in the world. 

It is located in the Al-Azhar area of Cairo, making it an archeological and tourist site, in addition to being a commercial market frequented by hundreds of thousands a day. 

It includes a collection of monuments and architectural values dating back to the Middle Ages.

Al-Mu'izz Street is a process of lighting and lighting that has been distributed in an artistic way to the historical mosques in it. 

Moreover, many theaters have been set up next to cafes to meet with writers, poets and intellectuals.

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Why You have to visit Cairo :

  • It Consider affordable Price for foods , drinks and tours .
  • Food in Egypt specially is very delicious you can get an experience about it during Cairo food tour .
  • There were many cafĂ© shop and restaurant with amazing view .
  • Visit the great Giza Pyramids and Sphinx which consider the only survivor seven old wonders in the world.