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Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo tour

Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo tour 

In old Cairo day trip, there are many archaeological sites such as the Hanging Church, one of the oldest churches in Egypt. It is built in a suspension, not on columns or concrete. There's also and the mosque of Amr Ibn al-Aas, the oldest mosque in Africa.

Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo tour

Our Connect travels tour escort will pick up you from your Cairo hotel by A/C car to start your full Cairo day trip . you will start your day trip by visiting Egyptian Museum of Antiquities that is located at Tahriri square.

The first thing that will appeal to you is the superb design of the building. The Museum was established at 1902 and contains the most precious pieces of antiques that describes the Egyptian civilization in its various and glorious periods.

The Museum contains many groups, the 1st group is Prehistory: This group includes various types of pottery, toiletries, fishing tools and daily necessities that are the product of the Egyptian before the knowledge of writing, which settled in many places in Egypt in the north, center and south.

The second group represents the age of foundation: It includes the effects of the first and second families, such as the statue of Kha'a Sakhmi and many pots and implements.

The third group is The ancient era of the state includes a collection of artifacts including the statues of Zoser, Khafra, Munkawra, Shaykh al-Balad, the dwarf Sunb, Beye the 1st and his son Merry, and many coffins, statues, wall paintings, and the collection of Queen Hattab Haras.

The Middle Kingdom Age: This collection includes many artifacts, most notably the statue of King Muntuhab II and a collection of statues of some of the kings of the family 12 such as Senusert I and Amenemhat III and others, and many other statues and coffins and ornaments, and tools of daily life, and some of the Fayoum pyramids.

The Next stop on our tour , you will visit Salah Al-Din Citadel, which is one of the most luxurious military strongholds built in the Middle Ages. Its location is strategic. This site provides defensive importance because it controls the cities of Cairo and Al-Fustat. It also constitutes a high natural barrier between the two cities. The castle and the city are in a state of siege as they will become the last bastion of the sit-in if the city falls into enemy hands.

 We can't miss visiting the Alabaster mosque of Mohammed Ali, it is one of the famous archaeological mosques in Cairo. It was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848 in the Ottoman style, similar to the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul.

"It is sometimes referred to as Alabastar for the frequent use of this type of marble in the cladding of its walls. The successors of Mohammed Ali Pasha in the mosque completed the building and added some minor additions to it. They also made it the venue for celebrating the annual religious events. 

They were Abbas Helmy Pasha I, Mohamed Said Pasha, Ismail Pasha and Tawfiq Pasha. However, the largest restoration was during the reign of Fuad I, who ordered the restoration of the mosque to its old splendor after the walls hit cracks due to engineering defect, and his son Farouk I, 

after him also took care of the mosque and opened it to the prayer again after the completion of the restoration."

Then we will head to visit The Hanging Church which is located in the ancient Egyptian district of Cairo Governorate. It is one of the most important Coptic monuments in Egypt. 

It is an important Coptic tourist destination for visitors from everywhere. It is also one of the most beautiful churches in the Middle East.  Located south of the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and includes at its entrance 13 amazing pillars, representing Christ and the twelve apostles. The church took its name because it was built on two towers of the ancient Roman fort known as the "fortress of Babylon"