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Cairo Pyramids and Egyptian Museum day trip

Day Tour to Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum Tour

Giza Pyramids day tour

Are you ready for a fabulous tour in Cairo? 

You better do! You will discover with Connect travels the biggest metropolitan in Africa, and one of the largest 15th in the whole world. Enjoy your breakfast, then let's start the tour by visiting the Giza pyramid complex, on the way to pyramids area, you can see the great pyramid of Khofu, the biggest structure in the ancient world and one of the 7 wonders.

We will stop in a special spot that enables you to reveal the entire area.  Standing in front of the mysterious pyramid of Khofu that folds between its corners many secrets and questions we couldn't find their answers despite of the technological development nowadays.

Next to the Khofu Pyramid, we will see the pyramid of King Chephren, and also the small pyramid of Mecernuis (Mankaura). 

In a small distance of the three pyramids, you will see Sphinx, the guardian of the valley; it is a combination of a lion body and man's head.  

You must feel tired now. It's time to have some rest and have lunch. We choose for you a special restaurant that is close to our next stop.

Egyptian Museum:

At the northern corner of Tahrir square, the Egyptian museum is located. It is one of the biggest museums in the world. It is the first museum in the world to be established to be a museum. Because it was common at that time to use the old palaces to turn it to museums.

On 1902 the Egyptian Museum was officially opened. The new museum relied on an arrangement based on hierarchical arrangement and did not take into account the allocation of rooms for periods of turbulence, since they were considered to be of no historical significance. The monuments were classified in the museum according to their themes, but for architectural reasons and monumental statues were placed on the ground floor.

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Why You have to visit Cairo :

  • It Consider affordable Price for foods , drinks and tours .
  • Food in Egypt specially is very delicious you can get an experience about it during Cairo food tour .
  • There were many café shop and restaurant with amazing view .
  • Visit the great Giza Pyramids and Sphinx which consider the only survivor seven old wonders in the world.